In this video we will find short clips from SOL AND SHANEL`s videos and we will have a lot of fun Learning Online starting with the letter of the alphabet A which bring us to an adventure in the park where we can also find animals of all kind starting with their own letter, in the play grounds and in town where Shanel, which is the little one, will disappear with magic powers like the avengers for later reappear in the park with Sol and her uncle looking for her.

They will encounter a ghost just to teach kids the letter G which will show also on the news then will play with face painting making a color competition where they also will teach what their proper names are. Rabbits are one of the kids favorite`s animals, Sol will pet them hoping uncle will by one then Sol learned a magic trick from Super Shanel and use the magic gate in the park to travel from a place to another! Sol will find the rain R. and the onions O. which are a little smelly then she make acrobatic moves jumping on the bed to show Shanel how fun it is! A lot of toys will show up while Shanel applauded loud for the happiness then Sol is making a Colombian congas dance to show her t-shirt is too big for her cause is Xl size, she will become a zombie and a vampire, finishing the show teaching how to count till 10! All this and more with SOL AND SHANEL!

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SOL AND SHANEL is a channel born from the fantasy and the idea to teach kids anything from the alphabet to the numbers to the colors to the sports. SOL AND SHANEL are two happy kids mixed Italian-Indonesian and Colombian-Indonesian which can speak different languages! They also teach us which food is more healthy and how to say thank you and please because we believe values are very important.

Learning online it become an important option where safely kids can enjoy a video made by them for them to explore the unknown of this world using their fantasy and building up their desire to be what they want to be in life. SOL AND SHANEL play with a lot of toys, discover the nature, run, swim, hide and sick, they even use magic tricks where example, the little one SHANEL, teletransport her self from a place to another, so from all this we can understand that this channel is all about creativity, fun, make new friends, stories where kids can be a magic baby or a princess with a lot of power.

This channel born following the cartoon style and dynamic, so we would listen into it a lot of cartoon sounds like Bang! Or Yeeeah! Boooing! Etc.. The dynamic want to be like the movies style but trying to follow the short clips kind, to make an example, a bit like tiktok, where the minutes are fewer than even a short clip to keep the wiewers focus on it and don`t make them check out.

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